Vendula Stradalova

Guidance on your journey to LIGHT - into depth of lightness of BEING


I love to show people new possibilities, how to create their lives consciously, according to their inner truth, according to their hearts and souls. I believe it is possible to change anything and it is never late to start.


EMT course with Glenna Rice

26-28 November in Prague

Global Access Bars® Day

23rd October in Bern

My - ONLINE and "offline" - offer

Theta Healing

Heal everything on the deepest level

Akashic records

Meet and ask your soul

NLP and hypnosis

Update your life map reconnect with your resources

Channeled insights + energy healing processes

Healing with beings of light

My - "offline only" - offer

Access Bars

Peace and space in your head

EMT - energy fascia work (special physiotherapy)

Get back full body flexibility

Access energetic Facelift

Forever young

C*v*d/Vaccination Process

Happy and strong body

Access Body Processes

Happy and strong body
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