Intuitive drawing - Channelling -


Akashic records reading

What is channelling

When we calm down our overactive mind and fully reconnect with our body and our soul:

- we can (re)open channels to sense a lot more than we can sense by our 5 common senses ... and then ...

- we can reveal that a whole "new" world exists around us

- an ethereal world of fine energies and energetic beings that we can communicate with

And until you are able to communicate energetically yourself - I can do that for you. 🙂

What I can offer or (inter)mediate to you:

- an energetic intuitive picture fitted to your actual needs

             - to heal or bring more clarity to your topics, problems

             - with or without a message

- picture and message from a child in your belly

- message or answer(s) to your questions from your Akashic guides (what is Akasha - see below)

- message from your spiritual guides, angels, source or your own soul

- message from your deceased ancestors, relatives, closest souls...

- healing energetic processes fitted to your actual needs

Akasha and akashic records