Active Meditations 

Would you like to start meditating but don’t you know how?

Or is it difficult for you to just sit in silence and watch your thoughts?

Then maybe active meditations could be good choice for you.

When and where


      Devi Yoga studio, Beaumontweg 12, Bern

      Bus 10, station Weissensteinstrasse


      Mondays 20:00 - 21:30

      Dates:  no classes recently ...

Costs: 15 CHF

Bring: comfortable cloth,

            towel to sit on,

            and if you can also your  own yoga-mattress

Please register via email:


What are active meditations

Nowadays, most modern people give big focus to their thinking. Their heart and belly areas and emotions are suppressed and they can be even largely disconnected from their bodies and the inner knowing (intuition) of their bodies.

Then, it can be really difficult at the beginning to go into meditation and silence and to watch thoughts and go beyond them. And that is exactly why the active meditations are here.

In active meditations we include our body first, we do some movement, dance, breathe and/or make sounds (like humming). During that active phase(s) we connect more with our bodies, we get our energy into motion, somewhere we can also express/release emotions.

And then, in the (usually) last phase, we can go more easily into silence.

Meditation evenings in Devi

In my meditation evenings, I would like to first use the brilliant Osho’s active meditations. Each meditation has several phases, there is music or specific sounds and it lasts around 60 min.

At the beginning of the evening, there will be ca. 15 min introduction. During this time, I will explain all phases and everything necessary, you can ask questions.

At the end, we can shortly share our experience and challenges, so the whole lesson will take about 75-90 min.

Please, come before or within the first 15 minutes of the lesson. Then, I will lock the door, start the meditation and it will not be possible to join (it would be very disturbing). 

Language - I will talk in English. I also understand high German … so if you understand English but are not comfortable to talk in it, just come and you can ask / share your issues in German language. Most of the lesson is without words, anyway 🙂 Questions welcome via:

Osho's Meditations

Here is a description of some of the meditations we will do:

Kundalini meditation – Best done in the late afternoon or in the evening to release all blocks, stiffness and stress. It helps to move your energy into better flow and brings joy.

Nadabrahma meditation – Very calm harmonizing humming meditation.

 (Dynamic meditation) – Very intense and powerful meditation that helps to brake old patterns, release blocked emotions and energy. Best done in early morning but if there will be enough interest and agreement, we can try also in the evening lesson … or we can try to find some morning date…


Later, according to how the evenings develop and if there will be interest, I could also start using my own ideas of combining music, dance and guided relaxations (transes, hypnotic relaxations), we can also combine all with intuitive drawing.