Massage of 5 Continents - certified 2 day course

with Radka Shatori

The same way as Love carries its mission into the world and into eternity, we share our passion for the Massage of 5 Continents with the help of our hands and hearts ...

Looking forward to meeting you,
Radka Shatori
international certified teacher of Massage of 5 Continents


WhenOctober 30-31; 9-18 h

Place: Bern, Switzerland (exact location will be sent after registration)

Costs: 480 EUR or 530 CHF
(price includes life-long practitioner certification, manual)

To reserve your place - the reservation fee of 200 EUR / 220 CHF or full price is necessary to be paid before the course. Payment instructions will be sent after registration.

Number of places are limited due to the intensity of the course and individual care for each participant.

Registration and additional information:
email: or
tel. +420 602 371 320 ; +41 77 497 85 93

Language: english, czech; - german possible on request (when requested in time!)

About the massage

Why is “Massage of 5 Continents” (M5C) the best massage in the world?

MASSAGE of 5 CONTINENTS is a biodynamic massage that awakens natural healing processes and removes unpleasant emotional memories and toxins.

- functions as a psychotherapy for the body

- brings regeneration and evolution

- gradually opens memory of our body

- cleanses old traumas

- enables free circulation of the energy of pleasure, joy and life force

- mediates visible physical and psychical relaxation

- enables to re-gain gradually self-confidence, vitality, self-respect, tranquility and joy of life

- harmonizes emotional burden that blocks our energy

The strong point of M5C is the unique combination of several brilliant techniques in the rhythm and energy of our heart, which magnifies its effects by 1000x.

Learn this phenomenal life changing method, become an international certified practitioner and enjoy all the benefits of this special massage!

What others said about Radka Shatori:

For me Radka is a space of huge kindness, support and strength. She has anourmous ability to connect people and change their lives towards greater and bigger. Radka has a great gift to activate your true potential with her hands, she has a really magical touch! (Vendula S.)

I know Radka already several years and she is a very special guide on my journey. Radka has a unique gift to show possibilities without being manipulative. She never pushed me anywhere where I was not prepared to go… I appreciate Radka’s certain directness and honest communication, I know that she will never sell me a sunshine - she goes directly to the core of things. Radka is very pleasant companion, she enjoys her life fully with a smile on her lips. (Lenka A.)

Radka can open hearts of other people, she can guide anybody on their journey towards themselves. She is an incredibly tolerant, empathic, shining person who sees far beyond the limits of individual people and can guide them towards their potential. (Marcela K.)

I perceive Radka as joy and infinite space - only seing her removes all stress and tension and what remains is pure joy. I have a tendency to smile and laugh whenever I see her. It is the inner laughter that warms you up and transforms. (Kristyna B.)

Radka shows everybody their hidden possibilities and encourages and connects people - even there you would never imagine it is possible. 🙂 She creates her reality in a completely different way - it reminds me about the movie NeverEnding Story. She remodels/transforms individual stories into infinity and at the same time she is very practical. (Dagmar J.)

Radka is CLARITY in the purest form. She manages to show the lost ones their inner light because she is already aware of her own one. (Katerina B.)