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Content of the workshop

The workshop will be partially interactive. I have some questions and small exercise prepared for you. We will talk, discuss, I will explain, you can ask questions. Here are some topics we will deal with:

What is meditation? What is it good for? What is its goal? Which possibilities exist? How our mind functions? Our thoughts, thinking...? Who we are? ...etc...

And partially, I will use and include my knowledge from NLP to guide you via "trans" (deep guided relaxation, visualisation) to explore your inner world and space. And help you to start connecting your inner parts and your conscious mind together to become (closer to being) whole...

Hopefully, I can help you find a clearer position from where you can more easily observe your thoughts and go to the space beyond them...

When and Where



Where: Devi yoga - Beaumontweg 12, Bern

             Bus Nr. 10 - Weissensteinstrasse


Bring - comfortable cloth

And due to corona rules - please bring a mask and a towel to sit on; 

if you can, bring also your own yoga mattress


Number of places are limited due to the covid situation

Please register via email: