Family and systemic constellations

Until we really do not SEE it, we cannot CHANGE it

Systemic constellations

They have many forms, faces and many ways of use.

It is very simple, beautiful and powerful method 

        - to visualise issues that are usually hidden…  

        - to bring things up to the light - from the unconsciousness              to the consciousness...

        - to reveal, open up, clear and transform everything what             is making us sad or worried, what is limiting us, what we                 do not understand and what keeps us stucked…


* - in relationships - in the family, with children, between friends, at work, elsewhere…

* - clarity around money, work, our soul mission, our direction and fulfillment in life…

 * Whatever the change we would like to make in our life…

Next workshop

Thursday 23rd June 2022  at  19:00  to cca 20:00

Devi yoga - Beaumontweg 12, Bern

Bus 10 - to station Weissensteinstrasse 

Price: 15 CHF

Please register via:

Language: I will talk in english - but I understand high german

I plan to do the workshop as an introduction - explain everythings about the concept and how it works - answer your questions - and then we can do one or two taster constellations... depending on the time and your curiosity and courage 🙂

How do constellations look like

Probably the most “classical” format happens in a group of people.

You come with a “problem” or with an issue you would like to get a deeper insight into.

First, you will describe me your problem, intention, question or wish and I will direct you further. You will then choose (from other participants) the representatives for your family members, friends or co-workers (depends on the topic) and place them according to your “feelings” into the room and let them move and act according to their perceptions and feelings. You first only watch the scene from a distance.

And here the magic of systemic constellations happens.

The representatives are able to perceive the inner world, desires, feelings and emotions of the people they represent. By this setting, our conscious rational minds are filtered out, so do also interpretations of our minds, various masks and pretences, hypocrisy… And what is then revealed is an energetic dynamics that usually runs on the background ...

Sometimes, it can be a bit surprising or uncomfortable, what is revealed in the constellation … but at the same time, there is always a place inside of us, where we KNOW the true picture... and if we are able and willing to finally see what was hidden - then we are able also to change it! (if we choose to do so)  Moreover, the constellation helps us to get into contact with our inner knowing.

I will strongly support you during the constellations to have a look under the surface and to face all seemingly strong feelings and emotions or your fears … and I will do my best to create a safe space for you to do this with more ease.

It is the task of the moderator to help with unraveling of entangled issues … there is space for closing unfinished processes, for saying good bye to whoever we did not manage to say this, for expressing of supressed emotions, for letting go of anything that we do not need to carry with us any longer … for any ritual that is required to move forward more freely … so that more love is streaming throughout all systems and our lives ... 

And I will aslo use my ability to go into Theta brain level and my experinece with channeling and Theta healing to energetically change and heal whatever it will need to!