About Me

My story - briefly

My name is Vendula Stradalova and I am a mother of a lovely 5 years old wild boy. Together with my partner, passionate software engineer, we are recently living in Bern, Switzerland.

Originally, I studied molecular biology and worked several years in science, doing research in a laboratory. However, I was still missing something there and also in my life...something that I could not observe by microscopes and grasp by manipulating DNA.

And gradually, slowly, my body and soul were leading me to a different journey. It took me quite some time to start listening to them and acknowledge that I was, in fact, longing to find a deeper path to myself. 🙂

So here I am now, still on the way but much closer to my “home”.

More about me and my work

I love showing other people that there are many (new) possibilities they can choose from and use them to create their lives consciously, the way they want, the way it works for them. I like to help people to open a new space, a space of inner freedom, inner truth, the space of one’s own strength and integrity… where anything is possible and where anyone can be in harmony with oneself and with the whole existence. 

I support everyone to explore and reveal what nourishes his/her own soul and then to make choices that lead to the space of conscious creation. I can help you to re-connect with who your REALLY are, with your soul.

I believe that one can change everything. And it is never late to start.

In my work, I combine various techniques and knowledge … and simultaneously, as a strong empath, I allow myself to be led by my intuition, connection with the source and by tuning in the client’s personality and soul.

I combine and connect work with the body, mind, mindset, unconsciousness, inner child, systemic constellations, ... I work energetically as everything in its core is energy. And, if we include energetic work in any technique, all change can happen faster and easier (if the client chooses so…;-)...).

I speak English, Czech (fluently) and high German (basics - I understand better than I speak 🙂 ..)

Courses and trainings

Systemic and family constellations:

Training in systemic and family constellations, Institute of Family Constellations, Bhagat Johann Zeilhofer (2015-2016)

NLP and hypnosis:

NLP Practitioner training, DVNLP certificate, Bhagat Johann Zeilhofer (2018-2019)

Art of Dying - Bhagat Johann Zeilhofer (2015)

Essence work - basic seminar - Bhagat Johann Zeilhofer (2014)

                           - essence of relationships - Bhagat J. Zeilhofer (2015)

                           - essence of freedom (inner critic) - Bhagat J. Zeilhofer (2016)

Access Consciousness ® :

    - Access Bars ® ceritified courses (2019, 2x 2020)

    - Foundation - Haris Omanovic, Margarete Gallowitsch (2019, 2022)

    - 3 Day Body Class - Haris Omanovic, Shannon O'Hara (2019, 2020)

    - Choice of Possibilities - Simone Milasas (2022)

    - ESB - Dain Heer (2020)

    - Right voice for you - 3day class, Fiona Cutts (2020)

    - Sexual healing - telecall series, Shannon O'Hara (2020) 

    - Talk to the Entities - Beginning, Florence Augier (2021)

    - Business Done Different - 3 day class - Fiona Cutts (2021)

    - Sex beyond judgements - 1day class + several Intros - Fiona Cutts (2021)

Channeling + Angel healing - 21-day online course, Nikoleta Zolner (2020)

Energetic medicine - shamanic aproach - online, Alberto Villoldo (2020)

Happy Mouth ® energetic dentistry - 3 day class, Shauna Teaken (2020)

Akashic records reading - basics and advanced - Nikoleta Zolner (2020, 2021)

The Journey Intensive with Brendon Bays (2021)

EMT - Energetic Manual Therapy - The Fundamentals - Glenna Rice (2x 2021)

EMT - Energetic Manual Therapy - Artistry - Glenna Rice (2021)

Theta healing - Basic DNA - Lucie Rimona (2022)

The Emotion Code - online course - Bradley Nelson (2022)


What others said about me

Another beautiful, strong, sensitive woman… by whom I found space of safety, acceptance and understanding. Vendula has a great gift to guide through (transformative) processes with calm, humbleness and the results are brilliant. (Lenka A.)

Vendula is a beautiful conscious being. Cheerful, kind person who creates incredible space for everybody who chooses it. (Petra J.)

Gentleness and dynamic expansion at the same time. Warmth, kindness. Discoverer of hidden treasures, who follows persistently the path of knowledge and who is an inspiration for others. (Radka S.)

Beauty, shine, kindness, endless understanding, space of safety and many trump cards in a pocket that heals whatever you come with. (Hana H.)

I perceive a new-age shaman, whose knowing has a deep outreach. Vendula shares her gifts sensitively, with humbleness and kindness. With her energy she can change the dark into the light. (Dagmar J.)

Beautiful strong woman, her inner potency boils like a lava in a crater. I am looking forward to the full explosion of the volcano 🙂 Wonderful, kind, incredibly creative. (Majka K.)

Endless ocean of love, kindness, wisdom... Vendy perceives the smallest details and manages to notice and put into motion a lot of energy.  Care, understanding, push towards a change. (Kristyna B.)

Magical light that shines around and ignites light also in the others. Joyful, pleasant being, very kind guide on one’s life journey. Strong connection with nature, Earth and universe. (Monika K.)

Vendula, only having you around brings magic. Joy, gentleness, tenderness, deep understanding how all things are connected, related. And you change everything old into a new space, where it is possible to meet new magical possibilities. I see a woman, dancing on the ocean coast, connected with all elements. (Dana L.)