My story

So far at least shortly ... 🙂


My story - shortly

My name is Vendula Stradalova and I am a mother of a lovely 4 years old wild boy. Together with my partner, passionate software engineer, we are recently living in Bern, Switzerland.

Originally, I studied molecular biology and worked several years in science, doing research in a laboratory. However, I was still missing something there and also in my life...something that I could not observe by microscopes and grasp by manipulating DNA.

And gradually, slowly, my body and sole were leading me to a different journey. It took me quite some time to start listening to them and acknowledge that I was, in fact, longing to find a deeper path to myself. 🙂

So here I am now, still on the way but a bit closer to my “home”.

Courses and trainings

Systemic and family constellations:

Training in systemic and family constellations (2015-2016), Institute of Family Constellations, lead by Bhagat Johann Zeilhofer, Shangrila Osho Meditation Centre, Czech Republic 

NLP and hypnosis:

NLP Practitioner (2018-2019), Training in NLP and hypnosis according to M. Erickson, Shangrila Osho Meditation Centre, Czech Republic, taught by Bhagat Johann Zeilhofer 

Access Consciousness ® :

Access Bars ® ceritified courses (2019, 2020) - Bars Practitioner

Foundation (2019)

3 Day Body Class (2019, 2020) - Body processes and Facelift Practitioner

ESB (2020), Right voice for you (2020), Sexual healing (2020)

Happy Mouth energetic dentistry system ® :

Happy Mouth 3 day class (November 2020)