Access Bars ®

Lightness, clarity and calm in your head - space for new possibilities and new creations

Effects, Indications

  • Releases stress, tension and overwhelm
  • Calms down (overactive mind)
  • Can help at depression, anxiety, panic attacks, migraines
  • Improves sleep
  • Brings feelings of lightness, joy, happiness
  • Brings more awareness and consciousness to your life
  • Effect like a meditation, deep relaxation
  • Opens more free space for new choices, abundance, joy, happiness + brings clarity
  • Removes negative energies/charge - (self)judgements, doubts, negative thoughts, blocks, beliefs what is/not possible
  • Helps to free you from old patterns and habits
  • Wonderful during pregnancy and after birth - can help with nausea, tensions, pain, tiredness, easier delivery, ...
  • Good also for children of any age - can help with learning, by disorders like ADHD, problems with focusing ...

How the session looks like

  • You are laying on a massage table, dressed
  • I shortly put your energy into better flow by lightly touching your head, feet, hands
  • The rest is then about gently pressing/holding/massageing 32 points on your head
  • You can just relax and let go of what you do not need
  • Each point is connected to a certain area of your life like - control, money, aging, creativity, peace, healing, joy/sadness, sexuality, body,...
  • Holding each point removes negative charge from it
  • Please do not put on yourself strong parfumes and etheric oils before the session


60min session - 110 CHF

90min session - 165 CHF

120min session - 220 CHF

First trial 40min session - 80 CHF

Where, when

For date and time - please contact me at:

I can give you a session at your home or in a therapy room in Bern, close to Monbijou park (see contacts)