Access Energetic Facelift ®

Great special body process – very much uplifting and energising for your whole body and being.

...youthening, regeneration, healing...

Effects, Indications

  • activates self-healing capacities of your body
  • youthening of your whole body and mind
  • deep healing, restores regeneration
  • removes marks of aging from your face, neck and body
  • brings energy, joy, removes tiredness
  • lifting effect on your breast and buttock
  • healing effect with skin problems
  • very helpful process for teeth problems and any healing in mouth area
  • also removes negative programming/ believes in your mind regarding aging - enables you to stay fit in any age
  • increases well-being and positive feeling of your body

How the session looks like

  • you are laying on a massage table, dressed
  • I shortly put your energy into better flow by lightly touching your head, feet, hands
  • I shortly stimulate some selected Bars points on your head (see Access Bars section above)
  • The major part of the session is then about activating the facelift energies in your body
  • I gently place my hands on your body - usually shoulder area, neck and face ... or where I feel your body needs and asks for it most
  • you can just relax and enjoy, let go of what you do not need
  • I finish the session by a short stimulation of selected points on your head


60min session - 120 CHF

90min session - 180 CHF

120min session - 240 CHF

First trial 40min session - 90 CHF

Where, when ...

For date and time - please contact me at:

I can give you a session at your home or in a therapy room in Bern, close to Monbijou park (see contacts)