Akashic records reading

Maybe it sounds a bit mysterious - reading some records from an ether. (Akasha in sanskrit means ether / space.)

However, it is really like this 🙂

The fact that there is an (un)certain information “field” around us, which we can tune in, connect with and receive information from (like deep insights, wisdom, messages, higher truth, consciousness…) … this fact I revealed years ago when I attended my first family constellations workshop. 

And it was a big WOW for me! Including the fact that I personally can also perceive something like that, that I can tune in and perceive information about sub-conscious worlds of other people and about things that people themselves are not even conscious about…

Quite many years have already passed since then and I have, step by step, been realizing and revealing that it is actually my ancient nature to tune in and perceive the deepest worlds of other people. I just forbid myself to know  …. 


Akasha is one of the “spaces” that opened for me some time ago …. and it is opening more and more … OR maybe I am opening more and more to this huge and beautiful space and to the wisdom of universe… And I am realizing how much “at home” I am there…

Akasha is like a huge library - where all the information about our soul / energetic being or higher self (or whatever you want to call it) is stored. One can draw from akasha endless amounts of information, wisdom, insights, energetic healing … regarding our own journey, our bodies, our health, our lives, soul-missions, our relationships we live in…

One can ask about anything and everything.

Don´t you understand what and why is it happening in your life? Do certain situations repeat in your life and you do not know why? Do you want to change anything and you cannot manage? Do you have a feeling you are stuck somewhere? … Don´t you have clarity?

Then, you are in the right place here 🙂

Akasha reveals us in each moment only that stuff we are ready to  - hear, know, see …

It gives us - what we just need to - heal, transform, let go of, complete, finish - it gives us all this in words, in pictures, visions but mainly energetically and directly into our sub(un)conscious minds. So that we are able to move on in our life.

How do my akashic sessions look like?

It can happen live, personally OR also online - via Zoom or other video-call.

It is usually a dialog and meditation at the same time.

You ask, I tune in, connect with akashic space and bring insights, visions, messages and energies from there to you … You listen, receive and if needed, ask more … 

Do you have questions? Interest?

Just write me. I will gladly be your guide.

I really love akashic sessions. 

Both, to give and to receive.

I love the space of depth, kindness, support, unconditional acceptance…


Personal session: 120 CHF / 60 min

Online session: 110 CHF / 60 min