Access Body Processes

Gentle and very effective hands-on energetic healing / transformative processes to change your whole body to feel light, happy, strong and healthy...

What can body processes help you with?

  • Re/connect you with your body
  • Build strong immune system
  • Heal wounds, traumas, injuries, illnesses (incl. cancer)
  • Bring more (life) energy, joy, happiness
  • Grounding, connecting with the Earth
  • More relaxation, calm down, inner peace
  • Better sleep
  • Better sex
  • More clarity, ease, lightness for your life
  • Move from fear to trust
  • Let go of past
  • Eyes healing, vision correction

... and much much more ...

How the session looks like

  • You are laying on the massage table, dressed
  • We choose the best process for you and your body at that specific moment - either you have a clear specific wish or I intuitively choose the apropriate process from my offer
  • I then gently place my hands on your body (the body areas depend on the selected process) and activate the healing energies
  • Depending on the proccess - I either stay on the same body areas for the whole session - or - I change possitions several times
  • You can just relax, receive, enjoy, let go of what you do not need any more
  • The session lasts usually about 60 min but it can vary individually between 40 - 90 min. We can always discuss and consider your needs, wishes.

Some examples of body processes

..details come soon ... (under construction)


Zero sum of trauma

Cellular memory

Vission correction



Sqaure root of minus one

Antalgic shadows



60min session - 100 CHF

90min session - 150CHF

120min session - 200 CHF

First trial 40min session - 70 CHF

Where, when ...

For date and time - please contact me at:

I can give you a session at your home or in a therapy room in Bern, close to Monbijou park (see contacts)