Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

and hypnosis

according to Milton Erickson

Even despite the fact that we probably did not get everything what we needed in our childhood  … or we may have suffered a trauma, loss or pain and we cut off some parts of ourselves … despite all this we still have everything inside us and it is possible to get to it again, reconnect all parts and use everything for a full happy life

And that’s exactly what NLP is about...

Do you have an outdated map for navigating through life? 

Let’s update it!

Welcome to the world of magic!

What is NLP and hypnosis

Great, gentle method how to get in contact with your own resources, abilities, capacities ... how to get friends with your unconscious mind

and how to overcome your limitating believes and automatic reactions

and substitute them with new, more functional habits and patterns for your own life to become more free, selfconfident, whole and happy.

How the session looks like

It can vary according to the needs of each individual person

At the beginning it is usually a dialogue - to know each other more closely and to find out what is possible and needed … to find out how to continue in most effective way

I will ask you questions and at the same time lead you slowly to your inner space to search for the answers there …


It can be done IN PERSON or also ONLINE


I really recommend a NLP session with Vendula. I attended an online session with her about the relationship with my mother. I thought I knew this method from the psychological point of view and I thought that I have already “cleaned” the relationship with my mother and that it could not be cleaner anymore … but despite of this, I still did not have any “ideal” relationship with her… always when I achieved something new, greater and was happy, my mom appeared a my happiness was away… During the session with Vendula I revealed something so far undiscoverable and afterwards a big relief came. I realized that most of my life I lived the life of my mother or I was rebelling against her… so now, in my 38 years, I am learning to be MYSELF without the guilt feeling … just FREEDOM. And all this Vendula managed with me within 90minutes and online…? So, well, anyone who wants freedom and be yourself, just go for it with Vendula… (Marcela K.)